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We provide technical sale support services for wireless and sensor enabled ASSPs and ASICs with particular focus on RFID solutions.

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Our products are designed for a wide range of use cases and we will work diligently to cater to your needs and ensure a smooth implementation.

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From our worldwide customer support team to our strategic partnerships, we will make sure you are fully supported through out your product life cycles.

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Company Overview

IC Magic Inc. (ICM) provides technical sale's support services for wireless and sensor enabled ASSPs and ASICs with particular focus on RFID solutions. Whether you require assistance with your design services or recommendation on a complete turn-key solutions to a software/electronic system, we provide services that allows you to achieve both quick wins and long-term results. We adapt to your way of conducting business, serving as true on-the-ground partners who can fully take on your business challenges and wants.

Currently we are in the midst of our RFID services road map that provides a wide range of sale's support services on RFID solutions that would go beyond the choice of IC and offer much required recommendation on system solution to ensure a successful RFID implementation at an affordable price.

Our Mission

To enable our customers to become the most competitive in their current and emerging applications by providing innovative, cost-efficient, and flexible on-time support service solutions.

Our Vision

To be the preferred technical support service provider on software/electronic system solutions for current and emerging applications

New Kid on the Block

IC Magic Inc. strives to add value through creating and managing sale's support system solutions and helping marketing channels with their technical support services. Presently we focus on RFID-enabled wireless and sensor application markets; from system perception and chip selection to provision of complete solutions.

ICM and its partners provide end-to-end services and products through a flexible and cost efficient delivery model. Entrenched in quality processes, we strive to fully satisfy client objectives, serving as an accountable, flexible and objective partner. To each relationship, we bring:

Industry Knowledge and Technical Expertise

Delivery Track Record

Adaptable and Accountable Partnerships

Within each team, industry experts as well as competent engineers would come together to provide clients with a partner that is not only technically capable, but expert in their industries. This combination of business knowledge and technology expertise allows us to help our clients adapt as their industries change.

Our delivery approach differentiates us from many competitors. We adapt to the client's way of conducting business, which is the least disruptive to them and maintains their control of strategic functions. We listen closely to our clients to thoroughly understand their needs and carefully adapt our solutions and processes accordingly.

By listening to our clients and nurturing an internal business concept that provides the right degree of empowerment and accountability at all levels, we ensure project success.


Our Products

RFID - based technology provides the possibility of receiving information from moving objects or persons. A chip tag consisting of a microchip and an antenna communicates with an interrogator (reader). The frequencies are between 125 KHz (Low Frequency) and 5,8 GHz (Microwave), depending on range and speed of the data transfer. Areas of application are numerous, including automotive, transportation and logistics, manufacturing and processing or security related applications.

Sensor Products - A Standard In Our Daily Lives

Sensors can be found practically everywhere today. From the high-tech-laboratory to the espresso machine - sensors build a connection between technical systems and the real world. There are sensors that are sensitive to different impulses such as temperature, pressure, position, accelerations, humidity, imaging or movement. Today's sensors are smart and wireless. Sensor-networks will soon be everywhere, bringing the world to us in real-time, with vast amounts of data and enormous possibilities for interaction.


ICM provides customers with technical support services to many software/electronic system solutions, we enable our customers to become most competitive in their targeted market by providing innovative, cost-efficient and on-time technical service solutions.

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